So as most of you know I am really involved in the Reno/Sparks Relay for Life, and I am very excited that I have been getting Daniel involved in it from such a young age.  Tonight he went with me to a meeting we had and it was so much fun for him.  I want him to go to stuff like this and learn how important it is to give to others and work hard toward something you feel passionate about.

Is there something that you have your child do that is like this?


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I am a manager in the service industry who would like to share my knowledge about customer service and the affects it has directly on a company's bottom line.
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4 Responses to Charity

  1. MICHELLE H. says:

    I grew up with my mother teaching us how to give to others. Look where I am today. I am raising my children the same way. It is a wonderful bonding experience when your child finally gets it. When he finally looks at you and says that he is proud of you. My children know that we are making a difference. I know that they are going to take these experiences with them and become wonderful adults. So good job, Mom!!!!

  2. Kimberly says:

    I think that’s great to be getting him involved. Good for you!

  3. Thanks Kimberly! It’s so nice to have something you believe in so strongly and that they allow your kids to get involved too.

  4. You are a big part of my inspiration to be part of the Relay for Life committee and give them my time and energy.

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