Best Friends

I am very lucky to be close with my family not just in relationship, and in location.  My brother and sister-in-law live within a mile of my house, and have a little girl who is just seven months younger than my son.  Daniel and Cameron are best friends, just ask them they will tell you.  I am so glad that my son is growing up so close with his cousins because I had the luck of growing up with my cousins who were almost like brothers.

Does your child have that special friend in their life?


About briannegottiersullivan

I am a manager in the service industry who would like to share my knowledge about customer service and the affects it has directly on a company's bottom line.
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2 Responses to Best Friends

  1. Jessica says:

    It’s great that your son is able to grow up with his cousins. I did when I was younger. Unfortunately we don’t live close to any family so my kids don’t get to spend time with their family. But we do visit as often as we can and we stay close with FaceTime.

  2. That’s so hard, that was part of the reason I took the promotion in Reno because I didn’t want to have a family where I didn’t have anyone around. My one brother lived here and we convinced my other brother to move here, so I am so lucky to have them both so close by. It’s amazing.

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