Regular Grandpa

ImageSo Rory is lucky enough to still have his grandpa alive, so he is great grandpa.  Daniel got somewhat confused about why one grandpa was great and one was just grandpa…so now, my dad is regular grandpa.  I love how kids use the logic that they have to come up with ways to differentiate things.  This comment started on his own and no one thought of it with him.  Since coming up with it, he has stuck with it and everyone just knows that my dad is regular grandpa now.

Daniel always gets really excited because he gets to go with us to the airport to pick grandpa up when he comes in on a plane, and this weekend was no exception.  Daniel was very excited to see his grandpa and sleep out in the living room with him.  He has been talking about it for a week.  This weekend should be a fun time playing and hanging out with regular grandpa while he is visiting.


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So today Rory and I were cleaning house since we are getting ready for a trip and wanted to make it nice before we left.  Daniel wants to do everything we are doing, he helped me dust, clean the toilets and sink in his bathroom, wipe down the table and kitchen counters, and even swept.  I love that he is a little helper, but not when it comes to cleaning his own toys which seems so silly.

What do your kiddos do around the house to help out?


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It Finally Happened

It finally happened the moment that I had not yet had to endure and was hoping I never would…Daniel finally made a comment about someone in the store so loud they could hear.  We were walking through the aisles of Wal-Mart on Saturday night and a guy with a big belly was there…and in what seemed like the loudest voice ever Daniel says “that guy has a BIG belly!”  I look at him with that look, and he says “but mom, he does!”  As we keep walking I can’t do anything but hope that the man didn’t hear him…

What embarrassing thing has your kid said in public?

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Lily Bug

So…my little boy is definitely a ladies man.  He came home and told me about this girl he loves at school her name is “Lily Bug”…so it’s begun, the nick names, the lovey dovey…I am so excited that he is learning so much, but so sad he is growing up so fast.  I miss my little baby.  😦  Kids are so much fun with the different things they do, and having him be so girl crazy at such a young age reminds me of my brother who was always into girls even at the age of 6 years old.  I think that it’s only a matter of time before his first heart ache and his first kiss and his first true love, but for now I am happy with the small little crushes he has on the girls at school and one of my BFF’s, and I know that he will be like his dad when he grows up and be respectful of girls, and treat them right.


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Cooking Disaster

I am so glad I am keeping this blog so I can look back at all the funny things that Daniel did when he was little, but this one isn’t so cute.  Yesterday morning while I was taking my shower and trying to get ready for work, Daniel decided that he was hungry and was going to make himself some oatmeal without mommy’s help…so he took the entire package literally out of the box and threw it in the microwave.  He turned it on for 30 minutes and was waiting for it to be done…after it wasn’t done quickly and the smoke started to come out of the “microcooker” as he calls it, he came to get me and tell me what was going on.  I am thankful that he was smart enough to come get me because it could have been a MUCH worse situation if he hadn’t come to get me.  If the microwave was going for the 28 minutes that were remaining by the time I was done getting ready for work the house could have been on fire.
What are the things that your kids have done when they thought they weren’t being watched?

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Going to sleep by himself and sleeping all night in his own bed has been something we have been struggling with with Daniel, well, I am pleased to say that after a month of trying Daniel has earned his new moving Thomas that he wanted so bad by sleeping in his own bed three nights in a row and going d0wn by himself.  I am so proud of how well he is doing with it, and hopefully it continues, I forgot what it was like to get a full night’s sleep.  It’s so funny how we celebrate the small things when it comes to this point in life.  In the past I would only celebrate big victories for myself but now even the small ones make a big difference.

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Quickly learning

It’s amazing how much kids learn.  Daniel has been going to preschool for almost a month now and has already learned so much!  Today he told me all of the different nursery rhymes he learned last month, and even did the whole I’m A Little Teapot dance for me.  He also has learned to spell his name and we practice every night to get a star on his star chart.  My little boy is growing up so fast, it’s amazing to me how big he is and how much he has learned in such a short amount of time!  I can’t wait to see what he learns in the next month in Miss Jamie’s class.



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